The Secret to Perfect Health Just Watch Infomercials

You've seen the late-night infomercials that claim all you have to do is swallow a pill and you will look like a Hollywood Star or be cured of any disease or lose hundreds of pounds in a week just sitting in your Lazy-boy. Of course this is preposterous but boy oh boy are they making money. When it comes to infomercials regarding weight management products or supplements, the pattern is rather predictable. Have a token medical professional for credibility, establish a problem, create fear and then graciously provide the solution. Infomercials are typically 28 minutes long and are really four, seven-minute shows repeated.

One of the more popular infomercials that flooded the airwaves a few years ago was selling the nutrient Coral Calcium. Coral calcium is a form of calcium purported to be taken from ocean reefs. The first objective of the infomercial is to make you believe they have uncovered a revelation in longevity. Next they explain that they have figured out a way to extract this calcium from the sea. Then they proceed to tell you that this miracle nutrient will make you alkaline. Then they will tell you that in an alkaline environment, no disease can live.

Yes, even cancer cells. They tell you how this particular form of calcium is so unique it increases bone density like no other calcium. "Look at sea creatures," they clamor, "do they die from our diseases?(naturally implying that the fish eat the reefs to get calcium). So after building their case as to why an alkaline environment will prevent any disease from living, they proceed to tell you how their calcium will help you achieve this. Conclusion: Coral calcium prevents and cures cancer as well as all other diseases. How prevalent is this nonsense.

But the fact is, millions of people buy into this "miracle-nutrient" mentality. For example, I was sitting with a high-ranking official of a large bank, a very bright and well-educated man. As we were pouring through financial data, he stopped and gave me a "can-we-change-the-subject-for-a-minute" look. I gave him a "sure-we-can" look and he proceeded to tell me the following. '"That coral calcium that you see on T.

V., does it really cure cancer?I asked him point blank,"What do you think?"? Do you think Coral Calcium can cure cancer?" He said sheepishly, "I guess it is silly to think that one mineral is the answer to all of America's health ills." I told the banker that indeed he was right. Health is never about one nutrient or even thirty nutrients for that matter. True health is about following some basic principles and supporting the body on a cellular level with nutrient-dense food. It is about exercising.

It is about eliminating toxins. It is about emotional health. It is about drinking water and breathing correctly. Infomercials exist and will continue to exist because people want to believe that they can accomplish better health or weight loss or a body like Chuck Norris without having to dramatically change their lifestyle. Earlier this morning, I saw an infomercial claiming that you can lose all the weight you want without changing a thing in your life.

Just swallow the pill, eat what you want, continue sitting on the couch all day and you will look like a supermodel or professional athlete. Pure malarkey. Improving or regaining your health is a process.

It does not happen instantaneously no matter what you hear. The process does not have to be one of denial or cataclysmic changes. One simply needs to acquire the right information about their body and start making some changes on a daily basis. But to take a journey you must start a journey. Next time you flip the channel and land on a health infomercial, use your God-given common sense. If it sounds too good to be true.

well, you know the rest.

Joseph Costello is a well-respected health activist and researcher. Joe has reached millions of people through his national radio show as well as through his Balanced Health television show. In 1995 Joe founded Kylea Health, a nutritional solutions company that has helped hundreds of thousands of people reclaim their health. For more information about Joe Costello and Kylea Health visit http://www.kylea.com.

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