Surgical Methods For Correcting Puffy Nipples

Having puffy nipples is a trait which is commonly associated with the female physique, and men who have them are usually embarrassed at their condition. Although this is a common occurrence at puberty, many retain them into adulthood, and some even develop man boobs or gynecomastia. While the condition can be quite discomfiting, it is relatively harmless it is superficial in nature, and is usually brought about by lifestyle or hormonal causes. Gynecomastia is a condition of excessive fat buildup on the male chest area, resulting in breasts and nipples which are notably feminine in appearance.

It occurs to more than half of all adolescent boys, and to over thirty percent of adult men. Although the breast swollenness is harmless, its appearance can look anything from a slight protrusion to a full female-breast semblance. Puffy nipples can happen alongside or in spite of the swollenness, but it can be corrected with surgery.

The usual causes of gynecomastia include a reduced testosterone production, the intake of hormones like estrogens and androgens, prescriptions (like eplerenone and phenytoin), and in some cases, physical conditions like liver and kidney conditions, and genetic abnormalities. Whether gynecomastia surgery is intended to reduce the prominence of the nipples or to correct man boobs, sculpting the entire chest area is necessary in order to achieve proportionality and a more pleasing aesthetic. To correct the prominence of the nipples, two kinds of tissues are removed during the surgery: the fat deposits which rest behind the nipples, or the inflated glandular tissue. The surgeon will either remove the fat deposits through liposuction or remove the gland with a scalpel; he may also employ both techniques if the condition is caused by both types of tissues. It is a minor surgery with minimal incision; the entry cut is made around the areola of the nipple, and the scar resulting from it is practically invisible, being concealed by the areolas dark pigmentation. The correction of puffy nipples through gynecomastia surgery can be as brief as two hours, and the recovery period usually lasts for only two days.

Once the patient recovers from bed rest, he is made to wear a special garment (a compression vest) in order to guard the incisions, reduce breast inflammation, and to protect the stitches from undue pressure. The vest is hardly noticeable beneath normal clothing, and may even have the appearance of a body shaper. The cost for having gynecomastia differs, and is dependent on the surgeons proficiency, area of operation, and specialty.

Those who specialize in male plastic surgery will require lower fees than those who are into general plastic surgery, and a surgeon who is relatively inexperienced with the procedure will also charge for less. It is thus important that the patient considers the surgeons experience and skill when choosing to have gynecomastia, the surgeon should be able to provide a portfolio of previous patients who have undergone the procedure, and it must include photos of the improvement for up to a few months after surgery. The final scars should hardly be noticeable, and the chest region should be sculpted proportionately the results should matter, and cost should only be a secondary factor in selecting a surgeon.

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