The business: things get worse and worse for the drugs companies. On top of growing resistance to their high prices come more doubts about their products' side effects

I interviewed a City fund manager the other day who is so bearish about the prospects for the world pharmaceutical industry that he won't give house room in his portfolio to a single drug company share.The gloomy prognosis for the likes of GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca


The supply of genuinely new drugs has just about dried up. No wonder pharmaceutical companies are so keen to protect their patents on existing drugs - The Business - Column

The pharmaceutical business was once run by men and women in white coats. Heroic figures, they peered into test tubes and Petri dishes, made startling discoveries, produced the necessary pills and saved lives. Or so it seemed, anyway.


With RFID, drugs go their own way: the pharmaceutical industry is unique in its demands on radio frequency identification

When it comes to RFID, the pharmaceutical industry is as different from other markets as a pill is from an M&M. Drug manufacturers are as interested in radio frequency identification as makers of Executive Editor consumer packaged goods. But the needs and goals


Securing the drugs supply: international regulation may soon compel pharmaceutical firms to employ supply chain technologies to secure and verify their products at every stage of distribution. But those that get it right should also reap operational and financial benefits, setting a benchmark for other industries with complex supply issues

Just as the Sarbannes-Oxley legislation in the USA is having a knock on effect for companies around the world, the global pharmaceutical,


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